Programmer CH341A (Low Cost Programmer I2C & SPI)


What is CH341A USB Programmer?

CH341A is an USB interface chip that can emulate UART communication, standard parallel port, memory parallel port and synchronous serial (I2C, SPI).

CH341A is used by some cheap memory programmers. The IC is some how limited in this configuration because the programmer makes use only of the SPI and I2C interface and leaves a lot of pins unconnected.


  • USB 2.0 Interface supported
  • Auto detect BIOS chips
  • Support 24 and 25 SPI flash 8 pin/16 pin chips
  • All type of 25 series BIOS
  • Provide 5V-3.3V power supply output
  • Support 32/64 bit Windows XP,Windows Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10

Technical Specifications:

  • Support 24EEPROM and 25 SPI flash 8pin/16pin chip
  • USB to TTL port, can getroot online
  • With CH341A chip
  • Recognize 25 series chip automatically
  • And support download STC series procedure of singlechip
  • With 24/25 status indicator lamp
  • SPI pin to support expanding the utility
  • For a variety of software for backup, erase, programming, calibration and other movements.

CH341A USB Programmer Support Chip List:

  • Satellite or Dish TV Receiver Flash IC(25 series)
  • Analog Color TV Set Memory/Flash IC (24 Series)
  • LCD (24.25 series IC)
  • Desktop Motherboard BIOS Program (25 series)
  • Notebook/Laptop Flash IC(25 Series)
  • WIFI/Network Router (25 Series)
  • Universal TV Card (25 Series)
  • DVD Flash IC (25 Series)
  • Set-top Boxes (25 Series)

CH341A USB Programmer Software Download:


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