PC-CNC Parallel Interface Control 6 Axis – Compatible with MACH3 – NEW PPIC1



PPIC1 – CNC Parallel Port Interface Card 6 Axis CNC Breakout Board

General Description:

PPIC1 is a complete buffered CNC breakout board. It supports up to 6 axes CNC machine control signals pulse/direction for each axis) with extra two duplicated auxiliary output control signals for X and Y axes.PPIC1 supports five inputs to define X, Y and Z axes limits using switches or proximity NPN sensors, in addition to two inputs for emergency and probe or any other inputs. External Input signals are optically isolated from the PC parallel port for safety.
One of the most important features of PPIC1 is embedded switch mode power supply which provides all the required supply voltages eliminating the need for specific external power source.Output control signals (pulse and direction) should be optically isolated on stepper motor driver.
Two output relays are added for spindle and fan control.
PPIC1 includes an analog output (0-10V) for controlling spindle speed.
A very important feature of PPIC1 is the watchdog facility, which disables all outputs until PC is powered and  oftware starts up (activating this feature requires a software that supports watchdog facility such as MACH3).
Additional relay is included to provide external safety. This relay works in conjunction with watchdog signal to allow control of external devices.

PPIC1 Features

  • Completely supports MACH3 and any other softs that use LPT port.
  • AC 220V input power.
  • 6 axes control signals (Pulse ”CLK” and Direction “DIR”)
  • Main / Auxiliary X axis
    o Main / Auxiliary Y axis
    o Z axis
    o A axis
    o B axis
    o C axis
  • Control signals are TTL compatible (10mA). For pin assignment and addressing refer to table1.
  • Supports five external inputs. Three inputs for axes limits (NPN Proximity sensors or micro switch inputs) and two inputs for emergency stop and probe inputs (dry contact).
  • All inputs are optically isolated for safety.
  • Two output relays for spindle and Fan control (3A maximum contact current).
  • One analog output (PWM-controlled) for controlling spindle speed.
  • Watchdog facility with discrete relay output to insure that all outputs are disabled during PC starting up and software program loading.
  • All outputs and inputs are brought out via pluggable screw clamp connector for flexibility.
  • LED indicator for
    o Output pulse signal “CLK” output (RED LED).
    o Output direction signal “DIR” output (Green LED).
    o Output relays “spindle”, “fan” and “watchdog” (RED LED).
    o Input signals ”XL”,”YL”,”ZL”,”EMR” and ”PRB” (Yellow LED).
    o Input power (Green LED).
  • Dimension: 180 x 110 x 30 mm.
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