PC to CNC USB Motion Control Board 4 Axis – 200KHz (Mach3)



Motion control card (Breakout) features:

  • Supports all Mach3 versions ,including the Mach3 R3.042. 040 version.
  • Supporting Windows series, no need to install any USB drivers and plug.
  • Full support for USB hot-swappable ,the card is Monitoring USB connection status at any time.
  • Supports 4axis link age, including point to point move.
  • Supporting auto tool zero , electronic hand wheel and software limit , return difference eliminating.
  • 120M working frequency , Maximum step-pulse frequency is 1MHz, Perfectly drive servo and stepper motor in three ways: pulse/direction ,CW/CCW, AB quadrature output.
  • Status indicator LED can be use fult os how the USB connection , and working statusby flashing.
  • 16 general – purpose inputs , PNP or NPN input status can be configured in Mach3.
  • 8 electronic switch outputs. Darlington open-drain output.
  • Measures real-time spindle speed (Support the Hall element and quadrature encoder speed masurement, etc.) and spindle speed can beobserved in March3 to perfectly support the application of spindle.
  • Use external12V-24V DC power supply to isolate USB and external port ,and to make the system more stable.
  • 11high-speed optical couplers with10MHz, and 24 general optical couplers (Total opto coupler reach to 35) for isolating all of the input/output signals, isolation voltage up to 2KV
  • 2 spindle export interface: accurate 0-10V analog output, supporting converter to control spindle drive; PWM output with 5V drop-down ,providing PWM speed drive,CW/CCW output, puls/dir output and quadrature output for servo or stepping driver.
  • The output spindle can be configured into any axis of the 4shaft through the software.
  • 2 external adjustment – knob to adjust the processing speed, spindle speed and manual mode processing speed.
  • The 4 layers circuit board selected high-quality devices is exquisite.

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