Expansion Board for Arduino UNO + GPIO for Breadboard

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The Extension board is compatible with Arduino UNO R3 or other compatible board. Its purpose is to extend the IOs or ADC ports, and make it easy to connect your modules with Arduino. Also the GPIO board with cable alow you to take ports outside the arduino to your breadboard.


There are severala parts of the board should be noted.

  • The IO extension area
  • The proto field
  • The 26P jtag connector which is used to connect with the GPIO Extension Board


  • The IO extension area: This is the main area of the shield. All of D0-D13 are leaded out as GND/VCC/D*/D(*+1). Many of the modules designed for Arduino need 3 or 4 wires. These port are used for them.
  • The proto field: This area is a small section that can be used to set up some proto circuit.
  • The 26P jtag connector: This connector can be used to connect with the GPIO Extension Board (included)

GPIO Board:

When use this board, we connect it with the Infiduino Extension board using the 26P wire. Then plug this board on the breadboard, so D0-D13 and A0-A5 of Infiduino/Ardudino will be leaded to the breadboard. This way will make it easy for we to set up some proto circuit on the breadboard. The following steps will be convenient. Please note the following things :

  • There are two jumpers at each side of the Jtag connector, this is used to select the 3.3V or 5V voltage that is leaded to the breadboard.
  • When plug the Extension board on the breadboard, please don't use too much strength.

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