DIY Rotation LED Electronic Clock Kit EC1515A DS1302


Upgrade DIY EC1515A DS1302 Rotation LED Electronic Clock Kit 51 SCM Learning Board.

Date, time, temperature by turns display With Alarm clock function.

Welding note:

  1. P1 for the development of the interface, not welding.
  2. component identification:
    Components with no positive or negative polarity: Resistance (R1~R15) , Thermistor(RT1), Ceramic capacitors
    ( C4 , C5 ), Monolithic capacitor (C2 , C3 ), Crystal oscillator (Y1) , Keys (S1, S2).
    Distinguishing positive and negative element:LED(D1~D60),Battery seat(BT1),Electrolytic capacitor(C1),
    Buzzer(LS1),These elements should be noted that the positive and negative poles of the circuit board are to be noted.
    Other multi pin element: IAP15W413AS ( U1), DS1302( U2), S8550( Q1 ), Block USB (USB1), These
    element should be noted in the same direction as the circuit board.
  3. Positive welding LED, digital tube, Thermistor, and other components of the welding in the back.
  4. LED has two colors, the less number of color welding in a large number of corresponding position, and the rest of the
    location of a number of more than one color.
  5. U2, C4, C5, Y1, BT1 must be welded before the digital tube, pay attention to the points on the digital tube.
  6. The working voltage of the kit is 5V, the battery on back is only for the power down save time.

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