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DC 12V to AC 110V 220V – 100W Inverter Module


DC/AC 12V to 110V 220V AC Converter 100W Inverter Boost Board Transformer Power


  • Power: 100W
  • Input: DC12V
  • Output: 0-110-220V
  • Static no-load current: about 0.1A
  • Output frequency waveform: around 15KHZ high-frequency square wave
  • Protection: With power supply reverse protection.
  • Size: length 6.6 cm * width 5.3 cm * height 2.8 cm


  1. This board is a high-frequency square wave AC output, so the general inductive appliances can not bring! ! Such as: motor, electric fan, coil transformer, etc.
    Another: simple resistance and resistance step-down small appliances, cheap resistance to resist buck LED lamps, etc. may not be used
  2. Load electronic products (such as: energy-saving lamps, LED lights, mobile phone chargers, DVD set-top boxes, etc.) It is recommended to unplug the high-frequency rectification shorts on the board or low-voltage gears such as: 110V
  3. When using, it is necessary to consider that the power supply should not be continuously in full load for a long time. For continuous long-term working conditions, it is recommended to operate the switching power supply at 80% efficiency. Leave room for use to ensure that the power supply can work for a long time, otherwise, it will cause early failure.
  4. The power supply can’t be reversed. The other power supply and power line should have enough current.
  5. Because there is no protection output, do not overload or short circuit.
  6. Output high-frequency square wave AC voltage Many general multimeters can’t measure or show low or high (is incorrect, not actual voltage) (can be rectified and tested with DC file)
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