Battery 9V Rechargeable 800mAh (Li-ion)


  • Features:
    • High capacity without memory effect.
    • Short circuit and over-current protection.
    • Stable performance, small internal resistance.
    • Environmental protection.
    • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
  • Rated Capacity: 800mAh(0.2C discharge)
  • Rated Voltage: 8.4V
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 7V
  • Charging Voltage (standard): 9V
  • Discharge current (standard): 50mA


  • Never upside down the positive and negative.
  • Never connect the positive and negative of battery with metal.
  • Never ship or store the battery together with metal such as hairpin, necklace, etc.
  • Never knock, throw or trample the battery.
  • Never throw the battery into water or fire; keep it under dry, shady and cool circumstance when not use. The proposed temperature for long-term storage is 10 – 45
  • Never use the battery under strong static and strong magnetic field, otherwise it will destroy the protecting device.
  • If battery emits peculiar smell, heating, distortion or appear any unconventionality during using, storage or charging process, please take it out from device or charge and stop using.
  • If battery leaked, the electrolyte get into eyes, please do not knead, wash eyes by water and send to hospital.
  • Never cut through the battery with a nail or another edge tool; scrap battery should be returned to the supplier and handled by the recycle station.
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