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UTD2202CE Digital Color Oscilloscope – B.W. 200MHz

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Model UTD2202CE
Channels 2
Bandwidth 200MHz
Sample Rate 1GS/s
Rise Time ≤1.8ns
Memory Depth 16Mpts
Waveform Acquisition Rate ≥150,000wfms/s
Vertical Sensitivity (V/div) 2mV/div~5V/div
Time-based Range (s/div) 2ns/div~50s/div
Storage Setup, Wave, Bitmap, CSV
Trigger Frequency 6 bits
Trigger Modes Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternate
Trigger Level Range Internal Center of the Screen±div
EXT ±1.2V
EXT/5 ±6V
Suppression Range 100ns~1.5s
Edge Trigger
Edge Mode Rising, Falling, Rising and Falling
Pluse Trigger
Trigger Mode Positive pulse width (greater than, less than or equal to); Negative pulse width (greater than, less than or equal to)
Pluse Width Range 20ns~10s
Video Trigger
Signal Mode and Line/Field Supports standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM signal mode, lines range is 1-525 (NTSC) and 1-625 (PAL/SECAM)
Slope Trigger
Trigger Mode Positive slope (greater than, less than or equal to); Negative slope (greater than, less than or equal to)
Time Setting 20ns~10s
Cursor Manual Mode Voltage difference between the cursor (ΔV), Time difference between cursor (ΔT), reciprocal of ΔT(Hz) (1/ΔT)
Tracking Mode Voltage value and time value of wave point
Auto Measurements Allowed to display cursor in auto measurement
Auto Measurements Maximum, Minimum, Peak to Peak Value, Top Value, Amplitude, Period Average, Average, Period Mean Square Root, Mean Square Root, Area, Period Area, Overshoot, Undershoot, Rising Edge, Falling Edge, Frequency, Period, Rising Time, Falling Time, Pulse Width, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Burst Pulse Width, Positive Duty Ratio, Negative Duty Ratio, Phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF
Mathematics Operations Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Reverse Phase
Storage Waveform 10 groups of waveforms, 10 kinds of settings
FFT Window Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
Sample Point 1024 points
Lissajous Figures Bandwidth 60MHz/100MHz
Phase Difference ±3 degrees
Interface Standard Accessories: USB Host, USB Device, Pass/Fail; Optional: LAN, LA
General Characteristics
Power 100~240V ACrms, 50Hz/60Hz
LCD Size 7 inches TFT LCD, WVGA (800×480)
Product Color Ivory and grey
Product Net Weight 2.9kg
Product Size (W×H×D) 332mm×147mm×170mm
Standard Accessories Probes×2 (1:1,10:1 switchable), Power Cord, USB Cable, PC Software CD

EGP9,500.00 EGP11,000.00

UTD2202CE Digital Storage Oscilloscope
UNI-T’s UTD2202CM digital storage oscilloscope is a 2 channel, 200MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s sampling rate device.
  • 2 channels,1GS/s sample rate
  • 200MHz bandwidth, 16Mpts maximum memory depth
  • Waveform acquisition rate is up to 150,000wfms/s
  • Vertical sensitivity: 2mV/div~5V/div
  • Time-based range: 2ns/div~50s/div
  • Trigger modes: edge, pulse, runt, video, slope, alternate
  • Customized AUTO, fast captures the signals
  • Supports Y-T andX-Y mode at the same time, can observe Lissajous waveform
  • 34 kinds of auto measurements
  • Optional LA module
  • Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device, Pass/Fail
  • 7-inch TFT LCD, WVGA (800*480)


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