Anti Static Table Mat – ESD – 100×60 Cm



NOTE: Please note that we have rolls 10 meters from this ESD mat , so we can cut as long as you need , for example if you need 3 meter , we will send to you the 3 meters into one cut (300×60 Cm). Please write a comment when you check out for your needs.
The static radio MATS mainly use (guide) electrostatic prevention materials and synthetic rubber made and be become. Surface layer is about 0.5mm thick green, anti-static floor, is about 1.5 mm thick at the bottom of the rubber.
Antistatic radio pad with main (guide) electrostatic material and static dissipative material synthetic rubber and other skills. 
Surface layer is about 0.5 mm thick, the dissipation of electrostatic layer bottom is about 1.5 mm

Product Features:
  • High heat resistance, cold-resistant, acid, alkali, pressure resistant, antistatic, shock resistance, tensile resistance, antiaging, long service life.
  • Light and soft, writing fluently, access the information fast, safe, convenient, helps the company document processing efficiency, and reduce the cost.
  • Anti-static resistance, in the telecommunications, electronics, precision instruments use desktop of computer company is prerequisite products.

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