8 Output Relay Module Work on 5V Signal With Additional IR Remote Control



  • Dual trigger design, using a dedicated bidirectional driver IC design
  • Strong anti-interference ability, using diode continuous current protection
  • The contact part of the relay adopts double-sided thick wiring, which can pass through a large current, safe and reliable
  • Using high-quality relays
  • Both input and output adopt 5.08mm high-quality wiring terminals, making wiring more convenient and suitable for PLC control
  • The input terminal can be set arbitrarily high and low level trigger, the control method is more flexible
  • Each relay has a pull-in indicator light, the working status of the relay is clear at a glance
  • Each relay output leads to two groups of normally open and normally closed
  • With fixing screw holes for easy installation.


  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Dimensions: 133 x 55 x 19 mm

The product wiring is as follows:

  1. VCC: input power supply terminal
  2. GND: Input power terminal ground terminal
  3. CTR1-CTR8 is the signal input trigger terminal, which is valid in any mode (just set by jumper)
  4. Use of the remote control: only the numeric keys work, the 1-8 keys correspond to the corresponding 1-8 channels of the relay. When pressed once, the relay works, and when pressed again, the relay turns off. When the 0 button is pressed, all work is performed, and when the 9 button is pressed, all are disconnected.
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