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01.Re 15 - Relay 5V Coil 5pin
02.Re 11 - Relay 12V Coil 8pin
03.Re .1 - Relay 12V Coil 5pin
04.Re 23 - Relay 5V Coil 8pin
05.Re 25 - Relay 6V Coil 5pin
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07.Re 10 - Relay 12V Coil 5pin - 30A O/P
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09.Re .3 - Relay 3V Coil 8pin
10.Re .6 - Relay 12V Coil 8pin
  Product info
12V LED Automatic Control Switch Relay Module

12V LED Automatic Control Switch Relay Module


  • Practical and long service life.
  • Increase the supply anti-reverse function.
  • Use opto isolated input and output, enhanced anti-jamming capabilit consumption.
  • Set parameter after power for perdurable memories.
  • Signal terminal voltage signal can be maintained for a longtime.
  • Different working mode selections.

Working mode: 

Working mode selection: After power on - long press K1 for 2 seconds later into the select function mode, P1-1 to P1-4 for choose.

P1-1 operating modes:

a signal to trigger relay, time is up, the relay disconnect users, You can set relay time T, click K2 the hundred digital tube starts flashing, then press K3, the hundred digital change; click K2 ten digital tube starts flashing, then press K3, ten digit changes; click K2 bit digital tube starts flashing, then press K3, single-digit change; then click K2, digital pipe does not blink, then press the K3, shifting the decimal point, the decimal point in a bit indicates 0-999 minutesin ten represents 0 to 99.9 seconds without a decimal pointrepresents 0-999 seconds; goodchoice, bringing the time setting is completed. Short press K1, enterfunction offine-tuning settings, triggerthedefaultdelayperiod is invalid, press K1, during the delay trigger active(re-timing),clickon the K1, during the delay reset (timer turned off, the relay reset) press again to repeat the default settings for the first time.

P1-2 operating modes: Asignal trigger , digital countdown begins,X seconds after, there lay open Y seconds, then close.Users can set the relay time X, Y ; P1-1different time settings similar to the blue lights that set the relay time, blue light indicates setting relay off time. Short press K1,  enter function offine-tuning the set, the default trigger is invalid during the delay, pressK1, during the delay trigger active(re-timing), then click the first repeat default settings.

P1-3 operating modes: Open X seconds, disconnect Yseconds, infinite loop. Users can set the relay timeX , Y ; time setting similar to P1-2.Short press K1, enter function offine-tuning set, The default function is: set up an electric circuit the relay first open, press the K1, there lay first close. Press again to repeat the default functionality.

P1-4 operating modes: a signal to trigger the relay open but do not start the timer,when the trigger signal disappears, digital count down begins, X time after, the relayclose; During the delay, again to the signal,digital count down canceled, stays energized, the signal disappears, restart count down; (equivalentto release the button to start timing, commonly used in power-offdelay).Users canset the relay time X; time setting similar to P1-1.


  • Size: 64.2mm x 34.8mm x 18.5mm
  • Relay Specifications: AC 220V 10A or DC 30V 10A.
  • Quiescent Current: 20mA,Operating Current: 50mA.
  • Working voltage: 10~16V (if other ranges can be customized).
  • Signal voltage: 4V~20V (if other ranges can be customized).
  • Life: about100,000times,Working temperature:-40~85'C.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 September, 2017.
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