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01.IRF540 "N-Channel MOSFET - 30A,100V,0.055 Ohm"
02.IRF740 "N-Channel MOSFET - 10A,400V,0.48 Ohm"
03.IRF3205 "N-Channel MOSFET - 110A,55V,0.008 Ohm"
04.IRFP460 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,500V,0.27 Ohm"
05.IRF840 "N-Channel MOSFET - 8A,500V,0.75 Ohm"
06.IRFP150N "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 42A,250V,0.036 Ohm"
07.IRF1405 "HEXFET Power MOSFET - 169A,55V,0.0053 Ohm"
08.IRF530 "N-Channel MOSFET - 14A,100V,0.16 Ohm"
09.IRF9530 "P-Channel MOSFET - 12A,(-100V),0.30 Ohm"
10.IRF9634 "P-Channel MOSFET - 3.4A,(-250V),1.3 Ohm"
  Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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 FQP20N06 "N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,60V,0.06 Ohm"   FQP20N06 "N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,60V,0.06 Ohm"   10.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF1010 "N-Channel MOSFET - 85A,55V,0.011 Ohm"   IRF1010 "N-Channel MOSFET - 85A,55V,0.011 Ohm"   15.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF1405 "HEXFET Power MOSFET - 169A,55V,0.0053 Ohm"   IRF1405 "HEXFET Power MOSFET - 169A,55V,0.0053 Ohm"   18.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF1407 "HEXFET Power MOSFET - 130A,75V,0.0078 Ohm"   IRF1407 "HEXFET Power MOSFET - 130A,75V,0.0078 Ohm"   18.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF3205 "N-Channel MOSFET - 110A,55V,0.008 Ohm"   IRF3205 "N-Channel MOSFET - 110A,55V,0.008 Ohm"   13.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF3710 "N-Channel MOSFET -  57A,100V,23 mOhm"   IRF3710 "N-Channel MOSFET - 57A,100V,23 mOhm"   18.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF4905 "P-Channel HEXFET MOSFET - 74A, (-55V) ,0.02 Ohm"   IRF4905 "P-Channel HEXFET MOSFET - 74A, (-55V) ,0.02 Ohm"   18.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF530 "N-Channel MOSFET - 14A,100V,0.16 Ohm"   IRF530 "N-Channel MOSFET - 14A,100V,0.16 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF540 "N-Channel MOSFET - 30A,100V,0.055 Ohm"   IRF540 "N-Channel MOSFET - 30A,100V,0.055 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF640 "N-Channel MOSFET - 18A,200V,0.15 Ohm"   IRF640 "N-Channel MOSFET - 18A,200V,0.15 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF730 "N-Channel MOSFET - 5.5A,400V,1 Ohm"   IRF730 "N-Channel MOSFET - 5.5A,400V,1 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF740 "N-Channel MOSFET - 10A,400V,0.48 Ohm"   IRF740 "N-Channel MOSFET - 10A,400V,0.48 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF830 "N-Channel MOSFET - 4.5A,500V,1.35 Ohm"   IRF830 "N-Channel MOSFET - 4.5A,500V,1.35 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF840 "N-Channel MOSFET - 8A,500V,0.75 Ohm"   IRF840 "N-Channel MOSFET - 8A,500V,0.75 Ohm"   9.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF9530 "P-Channel MOSFET - 12A,(-100V),0.30 Ohm"   IRF9530 "P-Channel MOSFET - 12A,(-100V),0.30 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF9610 "P-Channel MOSFET - 1.8A,(-200V),3 Ohm"   IRF9610 "P-Channel MOSFET - 1.8A,(-200V),3 Ohm"   3.50L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRF9634 "P-Channel MOSFET - 3.4A,(-250V),1.3 Ohm"   IRF9634 "P-Channel MOSFET - 3.4A,(-250V),1.3 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRFP150N "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 42A,250V,0.036 Ohm"   IRFP150N "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 42A,250V,0.036 Ohm"   18.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRFP240 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,200V,0.18 Ohm"   IRFP240 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,200V,0.18 Ohm"   20.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRFP450 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 14A,500V,0.33 Ohm"   IRFP450 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 14A,500V,0.33 Ohm"   25.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRFP460 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,500V,0.27 Ohm"   IRFP460 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 20A,500V,0.27 Ohm"   28.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 IRFPF40 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 4.7A,900V,2.5 Ohm"   IRFPF40 "Power N-Channel MOSFET - 4.7A,900V,2.5 Ohm"   10.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 P7N80 "N-Channel MOSFET - 6.6A,800V,1.9 Ohm"   P7N80 "N-Channel MOSFET - 6.6A,800V,1.9 Ohm"   8.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 RFP70N06 "N-Channel MOSFET - 70A,60V,0.014 Ohm"   RFP70N06 "N-Channel MOSFET - 70A,60V,0.014 Ohm"   12.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 SSH4N80 "N-Channel MOSFET - 4A,800V,3.5 Ohm"   SSH4N80 "N-Channel MOSFET - 4A,800V,3.5 Ohm"   4.00L.E.  Buy Now 
 SSH5N90 "N-Channel MOSFET - 5A,900V,2.5 Ohm"   SSH5N90 "N-Channel MOSFET - 5A,900V,2.5 Ohm"   9.00L.E.  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 26 (of 26 products) Result Pages:  1 
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